Why Reflexology?

Why Reflexology?


Let’s put it simply- 3 reasons why you should try Reflexology

You’ve never thought of going for a reflexology treatment, in fact you’re not sure why you would have one or what to expect……

Here are 3 reasons you might like to try a session……

 For pure rereflexology1laxation and stress relief:

Do you find that you are busy at home, busy at work and generally don’t have time to stop properly and relax? You may feel fine now but prolonged periods of stress can end up affecting your health and wellbeing. A reflexology session would give you an hour’s worth of relaxation and quiet time all to yourself, enabling your mind and body to take a breather, phew! Clients find the treatment itself deeply relaxing, some fall asleep and many report a feeling of deep relaxation and a sense of calmness that lasts after the session.


You feel out of sorts and not quite right somehow:

You’re not ill but you just don’t feel right somehow and you can’t put your finger on what ifeets wrong. A reflexologist will gently massage all the reflex points on both of your feet, which will help stimulate the blood flow, boost circulation and eliminate toxins and
waste. One treatment or a course of treatments can be enough to rectify what was not feeling quite right and help prevent a more serious health concern.

You have a specific health issue you want some help with:

You have a specific health problem that you want improved or resolved. You may have already tried other therapies,  or you may be under the care of your Doctor but so far you haven’t found an improvement to the problem or know more could be done to help. By stimulating the specific reflexes and focusing on your particular problem a reflexologist maybe able to help alleviate your condition. By undertaking a full health & lifestyle consultation a practitioner really focuses their treatment on your specific needs, aiming to improve your condition as quickly as possible.

So, whether you are in need of some you time, feel out of sorts or have a specific health problem reflexology maybe a therapy for you to try.

To find out more or book your place please go to www.oastosteopathy.co.uk/reflexology 

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