Osteopathy: Did You Know it Treats Pain Wherever It Is?


Many people are aware that osteopathy can be successful at treating back pain but were you aware that osteopathy can also be effective at treating many other aches, pains and injuries?

You may not know that the prefix ‘osteo’ comes from the Greek word for bone and ‘pathy’ which means suffering, disease or disorder. This description can be in reference to a wide variety of ailments and as such osteopathy has a diverse number of applications. It acts as a safe, natural and gentle form of treatment which focuses on releasing the tensions in the muscles and joints and tissues.

Here are some other examples of how osteopathic treatment can be helpful.

Headaches or Migraineswoman with headache

If you have been experiencing sharp and recurring headaches, your neck may actually be the real cause even if your neck seems to be pain free.

Your osteopath is trained in effectively assessing and treating headaches that are a result of neck injury. They will be able to use a combination of techniques to help gently manipulate the joints and muscles around your neck which can prove be far more effective than medicated relief as the consistent use of pain relief medication can often be the cause of headaches in the first place.


arthritis handsArthritis is inflammation and degeneration of the joints which can be particularly painful and unrelenting. Different parts of the body can be affected such as the pelvis, hip and back and these can often have an impact on each other. For example an arthritic hip can cause problems with posture which can then put pressure on the knee.

Osteopathic treatment does not by any means cure the actual arthritis but what it can do is help reduce the pain and improve the range of movement in the joint to help make the pain less noticable.

Tennis or golfer’s elbow

tennis elbow
In other words, a repetitive strain injury in the extensor muscles of the forearm. This type of injury is usually caused by improper technique (sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear!)
Your osteopath can help not only diagnose the injury but can also provide you with a course of treatment in order to relax the muscles in the forearm, in the form of massage. They will also be able to provide you with some exercises that will help stretch and strengthen the forearm too. You will be back in the swing of things in no time!

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