A Passion for Pilates

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Most people who know me, will know that once I start talking about Pilates, I find it hard to stop. When I am asked “how can it benefit me?” – the list is endless and the beauty is that actually, I believe Pilates can be tailored to suit your needs and goals whatever your situation. Whether you are a fitness fanatic, pregnant, a new mum or even suffering with chronic pain, it is very likely that Pilates can work for you and help you become a stronger, more balanced individual.

So for all the patients I see week in and out for Sports Massage, I am also thinking “you know what will help you..Pilates!” And I think I can confidently say that those who have taken me up on this new experience have been better for it.

 I love seswimming-on-balleing the joy and happiness of a patient who can now touch their toes since joining a class, or simply just watching a patient walk out the room taller because they have become more aware of their posture. I am currently working 1:1 with a lady who has suffered nearly her whole life with chronic back pain – even after our first session she was amazed how much better she could move and weeks on she is almost going a whole week without pain!

 When I first tried Pilates, I was in a large class in a leisure centre where it all happened quite fast and I wasn’t sure what I was doing – or if I was doing it correctly. I tried Pilates again when starting work at The Oast, in a small group where I was taught how to properly find and engage my core and started to realise what it was all about. I could feel muscles working I hadn’t noticed before!

 I soon realised that Pilates was a skill I not only wanted to cobramaster, but to be able to teach and pass on to others. Pilates has benefited me by keeping me
aware of good posture, especially when I am doing Sports Massage. I have also been able to work out my own muscle weaknesses and use Pilates to re-balance and re-engage muscles to work more efficiently. This has helped me to keep a good technique when working in the gym and when pursuing my recent triathlon events!

feel very lucky to have found a passion that I get to perform not just as leisure but as my job too. So this blog is not to tell you to do Pilates, but to encourage you to find your passion, what makes you get excited and want to get out of bed in the morning – and involve it in your life everyday

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