Top tips for Winter

5 Top Tips to avoid pain this winter:

Wrap up warm – Keeping your muscles warm when its cold outside will stop them from building up tension, especially if you are prone to neck pain and headaches – make sure you are wearing a scarf.




Party feet – Making sure you are wearing the right foot wear is essential all year round. This is party season and those special shoes can come out for your Christmas do but make sure the rest of the time you have shoes that support your feet – if you aren’t sure speak with one of the Osteopaths.




Don’t go into hibernation! – When its cold outside you may be tempted to curl up under a warm blanket with a hot drink, but keeping active is essential for keeping your joints flexible and reducing aches and pains.




Eat right – stock up on seasonal fruit and veg to make sure you are getting all the essential goodness into your bodies. Its also party season so enjoy yourself, all in moderation!







Soak up the sun – The sun is still out there, most days! Its essential you spend time in it allowing your body to soak up some vitamin which is necessary for keeping bones strong and other bodily functions. Add a few brisk walks into your day.