International Stress Awareness Day (INSAD17) – Wednesday 1st November 2017.

The theme of INSAD17 is ‘Speak Up and Speak Out About Stress!’ and here at The Oast we want to do just that!

What is stress?

If the demands of a situation exceed our ability to cope and adapt then this results in stress. The situation could be positive or negative, but either way, if it puts too much strain on our coping mechanisms and reserves then we will experience stress. The point at which stress is experienced is different for everyone; some people are able to cope with a lot of different demands all at once without feeling stressed, whilst others may begin to experience stress after one unexpected change in routine for example. This is OK, we are all individuals and we should embrace this fact. The main important thing is that we notice when we are stressed and have options available to us to help us deal with this stress to prevent it affecting our daily life or making us unwell.

What are some of the signs of stress?

Again, this is different for different people. Common signs and symptoms of stress include headaches, migraines and gastrointestinal symptoms such as indigestion or upset stomach. You may experience muscular aches and pains too, or have difficulty falling or staying asleep. Some people find they are irritable and snappy with friends and loved ones and people have also described feeling that their mind is racing and that they can’t think clearly.

Why is it important to reduce stress?

Stress can have a negative impact on daily life, affecting our relationships and our ability to enjoy life. In some cases, prolonged stress can lead to depression, so it is important to seek support and develop coping strategies that work for you. Physically, stress can also be harmful and is linked to conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and impaired immunity.

What can I do?

It’s important for you to recognise your own personal limits and signs that you are stressed. Often people are unaware that they have been experiencing stress until symptoms are quite pronounced and often this can mean it takes longer to feel better.

Our 6-week Mindfulness Well-being Courses are specifically designed to assist you in becoming more self-aware. You will be more aware of what stress feels like for you, what your particular stress triggers are and what relaxation and mindfulness techniques suit you best. You’ll then be able to take action at an early stage, nipping stress in the bud before it takes over! The courses are set in a relaxed, supportive and friendly atmosphere and the content is designed to allow you to experience a wide range of relaxation and mindfulness exercises so that you can identify what works best for you!

Want to know more?

Why not try one of our Mindfulness Well-being Taster Sessions? These are run every month and give you a taste of some of the relaxation and mindfulness exercises that we can teach you. If you are interested, please give us a call on 01795 437710 to book your place today!