Backcare Awareness Week

This year’s Backcare Awareness Week is 5th-11th October and its focussing on back care in children.

Children Backcare 2015don’t tend to suffer as frequently as adults with back injuries. However, activities that children participate in may set up muscular skeletal patterns that influence their posture in later life. Simple things such as carrying heavy school bags and doing homework lying on their bed can have significant effects on a child’s back.

In this blog we are looking at school aged children. Here are a few tips to help your child:

  1. The over full school bag: Make sure that your child is only carrying the essential books or equipment each day. Empty out the unnecessary items from their school bag in preparation for the next day.
  2. The cool school bag: School bags are getting heavier and in order to protect the symmetry of theback muscles it should be worn on both shoulders, ideally a rucksack. As much as children protest that its not cool to wear a ruck sack it is a much healthier option regarding spinal health.
  3. The trendy school shoes: Foot wear is very important, when the feet are supported well there are less strains throughout the back, hips and knees. Look out for the wear patten onthe bottom of shoes which, if not symmetrical, can indicate muscular skeletal imbalances. Shoes should be good supportive, often ones that have laces or Velcro will be more supportive than any slip on style.
  4. The comfy homework position: The same way that office workers need an ergonomic desk assessment so too do all children doing their homework. A designated ‘desk’ area should be created with a good supportive chair. The computer needs to be set up to the correct height for each child. Positions such as lying on the bed. floor or slouching on the sofa should be avoided completely.
  5. The active student: The spine is designed to move, so sitting in a position for long periods of time is not advised. taking regular breaks from home work and TV/ computer based activities is recommended. Encouraging children to take up a sport or physical activity is a great way to ensure good spinal health.

Here at The Oast we are offering £10 off an initial appointment for children under 16. Make an appointment to see one of our Osteopaths who will be able to assess for any imbalances in the muscular-skeletal system and give advice on how to correct and manage any issues.