What is Osteopathy?


OsteoMassage 1pathy is a holistic manual therapy that treats all patients as individuals. It dosn’t just address the symptoms, it evaluates all aspects of a presenting condition, looking for the cause.  Osteopaths believe that symptoms often hide the underlying cause of disease.

By looking at the relationship between the bodies structure and function (the joints, muscles, ligaments, bones and connective tissue), Osteopaths are able to assess the whole pattern of aches, pains and general health problems.

Any change to the structure of the body will affect the function within its organs and tissues. Compensations gradually build up and forces alter the function of the body, creating strains on the body tissues and affecting joint mobility. Gradually the body becomes under more strain and it may break down at the weakest part – even as a result of something quite minor. Headaches, for example, may result from a lower back or foot-related problem of which the patient may not even be aware. Osteopathic patients benefit because the underlying cause of the problem is treated.

Osteopathy restores normal movement in areas that have become dysfunctional. This allows for the restoration of normal function and enables the tissues to repair themselves more naturally.

While immediate pain relief is an important consideration, the final aim of Osteopathy is to get patients well and to maintain their well being.