Why Reflexology?

Why Reflexology?


Let’s put it simply- 3 reasons why you should try Reflexology

You’ve never thought of going for a reflexology treatment, in fact you’re not sure why you would have one or what to expect……

Here are 3 reasons you might like to try a session……

 For pure rereflexology1laxation and stress relief:

Do you find that you are busy at home, busy at work and generally don’t have time to stop properly and relax? You may feel fine now but prolonged periods of stress can end up affecting your health and wellbeing. A reflexology session would give you an hour’s worth of relaxation and quiet time all to yourself, enabling your mind and body to take a breather, phew! Clients find the treatment itself deeply relaxing, some fall asleep and many report a feeling of deep relaxation and a sense of calmness that lasts after the session.


You feel out of sorts and not quite right somehow:

You’re not ill but you just don’t feel right somehow and you can’t put your finger on what ifeets wrong. A reflexologist will gently massage all the reflex points on both of your feet, which will help stimulate the blood flow, boost circulation and eliminate toxins and
waste. One treatment or a course of treatments can be enough to rectify what was not feeling quite right and help prevent a more serious health concern.

You have a specific health issue you want some help with:

You have a specific health problem that you want improved or resolved. You may have already tried other therapies,  or you may be under the care of your Doctor but so far you haven’t found an improvement to the problem or know more could be done to help. By stimulating the specific reflexes and focusing on your particular problem a reflexologist maybe able to help alleviate your condition. By undertaking a full health & lifestyle consultation a practitioner really focuses their treatment on your specific needs, aiming to improve your condition as quickly as possible.

So, whether you are in need of some you time, feel out of sorts or have a specific health problem reflexology maybe a therapy for you to try.

To find out more or book your place please go to www.oastosteopathy.co.uk/reflexology 

A Passion for Pilates

 A Passion for Pilatesimg_9728

Most people who know me, will know that once I start talking about Pilates, I find it hard to stop. When I am asked “how can it benefit me?” – the list is endless and the beauty is that actually, I believe Pilates can be tailored to suit your needs and goals whatever your situation. Whether you are a fitness fanatic, pregnant, a new mum or even suffering with chronic pain, it is very likely that Pilates can work for you and help you become a stronger, more balanced individual.

So for all the patients I see week in and out for Sports Massage, I am also thinking “you know what will help you..Pilates!” And I think I can confidently say that those who have taken me up on this new experience have been better for it.

 I love seswimming-on-balleing the joy and happiness of a patient who can now touch their toes since joining a class, or simply just watching a patient walk out the room taller because they have become more aware of their posture. I am currently working 1:1 with a lady who has suffered nearly her whole life with chronic back pain – even after our first session she was amazed how much better she could move and weeks on she is almost going a whole week without pain!

 When I first tried Pilates, I was in a large class in a leisure centre where it all happened quite fast and I wasn’t sure what I was doing – or if I was doing it correctly. I tried Pilates again when starting work at The Oast, in a small group where I was taught how to properly find and engage my core and started to realise what it was all about. I could feel muscles working I hadn’t noticed before!

 I soon realised that Pilates was a skill I not only wanted to cobramaster, but to be able to teach and pass on to others. Pilates has benefited me by keeping me
aware of good posture, especially when I am doing Sports Massage. I have also been able to work out my own muscle weaknesses and use Pilates to re-balance and re-engage muscles to work more efficiently. This has helped me to keep a good technique when working in the gym and when pursuing my recent triathlon events!

feel very lucky to have found a passion that I get to perform not just as leisure but as my job too. So this blog is not to tell you to do Pilates, but to encourage you to find your passion, what makes you get excited and want to get out of bed in the morning – and involve it in your life everyday

Why a Spring Check-Up is a Great Way to Start the Summer


At Oast Osteopathy we are getting ever more excited about summer coming. Not only does it mean we finally get that Vitamin D boost our bodies have been craving for so long but it also encourages us to get up, get out and get moving!

The weather is far better for golfing, outdoor tennis, running and cycling but as we have perhaps let our bodies languish over the winter, so the aches and pain appear as we reintroduce ourselves to our favourite pastimes again.summer woman

Getting ready for summer

A check-up at your local osteopathy clinic could be just the cure you need. A full service body check will help identify areas that have been neglected over winter and to relax and strengthen those underused muscles. Whether it’s that annoyingly constant niggle in your shoulder joint or painful twinge in your lower back, your Oast Osteopath will use gentle manual techniques help balance all parts of your body to promote overall good health and well-being.

Our customers are always amazed when we come across and help relieve tense muscles and stiff joints, you will be surprised how much you not only get used to but how much you no longer notice those little physical idiosyncracies that creep up after a period of inactivity.

Think of it as a factory reset as you feel your body’s nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems begin to spring back into positive action again. You’ll have that spring in your step in no time!

If you’d like to know more about our check-ups please give us a call on 01795 43 77 10, we’d love to answer any of your questions.

6 Benefits of Pilates

Oast Pilates

6 Benefits of Pilates

Pilates as an exercise form was the brainchild of Joseph Pilates, a fitness enthusiast from Germany. Joseph’s main objective was to create an effective form of conditioning which would promote core strength and flexibility in a safe manner.

Pilates focuses on the core but is very effective at not only improving strength all over the body but at improving mental functioning.

Here are 6 of the main benefits of Pilates.


Pilates helps improve back pain and bad posture

Find yourself hunched over your computer all the time? Finding you frequently have back or neck pain? Pilates can help strengthen those under-used muscles by stabilising the core’s lumbar-pelvic region and encourage alignment of your spine. This will help you sit up straighter and ward off chronic pain in the future.

Pilates acts as a gentle introduction or reintroduction to exercise

If you have been away from exercise for too long either due to ill health or injury. Pilates can act as a gentle conduit to reconditioning and retraining your body again. Pilates takes the focus off the injured areas of your body and what you can’t do, and focuses on what you can do. You can take small steps to start off with and gradually increase effort as your body becomes used to the exercise.

Pilates doesn’t add pressure to knees or joints

Hooray an exercise that makes your joints feel better not worse! Pilates consists of slow and controlled movements, low impact and low intensity which means that people of all ages can join in.

Pilates helps increase flexibility

In one particular study held in Brazil, a group of young women (without any Pilates experience) were asked to perform a sequence of 20 Pilates sessions. Each of these women were tested for flexibility in a series of tests at the end of the study and on average their flexibility had increased by a remarkable 19.1%.  You will notice better flexibility in your back, hip and hamstrings especially.

Pilates can help increase neural activity and memory performance

Pilates is not all about the body in fact Joseph Pilates was known to refer to it as the “thinking man’s exercise”. It encourages precison, concentration and memorisation by building foundational principles that produce mindful movements.. These five foundation principles are Awareness/Control, Concentration, Breath, Flow, Precision and Centering. You can rest assured that every Pilates session will move you one step forward to feeling smarter and stronger.

Pilates can improve your sport performance

If you are a keen tennis player or golfer you may not know it but will lean towards a muscle imbalance due to the one-sided nature of these sports. As with you posture, Pilates will help strengthen your weaker underused muscled while helping relax your tight overworked muscled, encouraging symmetry and alignment.


Our team of instructors at The Oast work to ensure classes are working with your specific needs and the small classes or 1:1’s mean you will get the most out of your sessions. If you’d like to book into one of our sessions just call us on 01795 43 77 10 or book online here.


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Osteopathy: Did You Know it Treats Pain Wherever It Is?


Many people are aware that osteopathy can be successful at treating back pain but were you aware that osteopathy can also be effective at treating many other aches, pains and injuries?

You may not know that the prefix ‘osteo’ comes from the Greek word for bone and ‘pathy’ which means suffering, disease or disorder. This description can be in reference to a wide variety of ailments and as such osteopathy has a diverse number of applications. It acts as a safe, natural and gentle form of treatment which focuses on releasing the tensions in the muscles and joints and tissues.

Here are some other examples of how osteopathic treatment can be helpful.

Headaches or Migraineswoman with headache

If you have been experiencing sharp and recurring headaches, your neck may actually be the real cause even if your neck seems to be pain free.

Your osteopath is trained in effectively assessing and treating headaches that are a result of neck injury. They will be able to use a combination of techniques to help gently manipulate the joints and muscles around your neck which can prove be far more effective than medicated relief as the consistent use of pain relief medication can often be the cause of headaches in the first place.


arthritis handsArthritis is inflammation and degeneration of the joints which can be particularly painful and unrelenting. Different parts of the body can be affected such as the pelvis, hip and back and these can often have an impact on each other. For example an arthritic hip can cause problems with posture which can then put pressure on the knee.

Osteopathic treatment does not by any means cure the actual arthritis but what it can do is help reduce the pain and improve the range of movement in the joint to help make the pain less noticable.

Tennis or golfer’s elbow

tennis elbow
In other words, a repetitive strain injury in the extensor muscles of the forearm. This type of injury is usually caused by improper technique (sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear!)
Your osteopath can help not only diagnose the injury but can also provide you with a course of treatment in order to relax the muscles in the forearm, in the form of massage. They will also be able to provide you with some exercises that will help stretch and strengthen the forearm too. You will be back in the swing of things in no time!

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These are just some examples of the aches and pains your osteopath can help diagnose and treat. If you’d like to speak to someone then give your Oast osteopath a call today on 01795 43 77 10 or contact us here


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Backcare Awareness Week

This year’s Backcare Awareness Week is 5th-11th October and its focussing on back care in children.

Children Backcare 2015don’t tend to suffer as frequently as adults with back injuries. However, activities that children participate in may set up muscular skeletal patterns that influence their posture in later life. Simple things such as carrying heavy school bags and doing homework lying on their bed can have significant effects on a child’s back.

In this blog we are looking at school aged children. Here are a few tips to help your child:

  1. The over full school bag: Make sure that your child is only carrying the essential books or equipment each day. Empty out the unnecessary items from their school bag in preparation for the next day.
  2. The cool school bag: School bags are getting heavier and in order to protect the symmetry of theback muscles it should be worn on both shoulders, ideally a rucksack. As much as children protest that its not cool to wear a ruck sack it is a much healthier option regarding spinal health.
  3. The trendy school shoes: Foot wear is very important, when the feet are supported well there are less strains throughout the back, hips and knees. Look out for the wear patten onthe bottom of shoes which, if not symmetrical, can indicate muscular skeletal imbalances. Shoes should be good supportive, often ones that have laces or Velcro will be more supportive than any slip on style.
  4. The comfy homework position: The same way that office workers need an ergonomic desk assessment so too do all children doing their homework. A designated ‘desk’ area should be created with a good supportive chair. The computer needs to be set up to the correct height for each child. Positions such as lying on the bed. floor or slouching on the sofa should be avoided completely.
  5. The active student: The spine is designed to move, so sitting in a position for long periods of time is not advised. taking regular breaks from home work and TV/ computer based activities is recommended. Encouraging children to take up a sport or physical activity is a great way to ensure good spinal health.

Here at The Oast we are offering £10 off an initial appointment for children under 16. Make an appointment to see one of our Osteopaths who will be able to assess for any imbalances in the muscular-skeletal system and give advice on how to correct and manage any issues.

What is Osteopathy?


OsteoMassage 1pathy is a holistic manual therapy that treats all patients as individuals. It dosn’t just address the symptoms, it evaluates all aspects of a presenting condition, looking for the cause.  Osteopaths believe that symptoms often hide the underlying cause of disease.

By looking at the relationship between the bodies structure and function (the joints, muscles, ligaments, bones and connective tissue), Osteopaths are able to assess the whole pattern of aches, pains and general health problems.

Any change to the structure of the body will affect the function within its organs and tissues. Compensations gradually build up and forces alter the function of the body, creating strains on the body tissues and affecting joint mobility. Gradually the body becomes under more strain and it may break down at the weakest part – even as a result of something quite minor. Headaches, for example, may result from a lower back or foot-related problem of which the patient may not even be aware. Osteopathic patients benefit because the underlying cause of the problem is treated.

Osteopathy restores normal movement in areas that have become dysfunctional. This allows for the restoration of normal function and enables the tissues to repair themselves more naturally.

While immediate pain relief is an important consideration, the final aim of Osteopathy is to get patients well and to maintain their well being.